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Unlocking Internal Innovation

Presenter: Kaihan Krippendorff, Author of 'The Art of the Advantage,' 'Hide a Dagger Behind A Smile,' and 'The Way of Innovation'
Duration     60 Minutes


When a business faces new obstacles, the management invariably turns to one of two approaches: option-narrowing and rule-following. They either apply logic to define and narrow down a seemingly complete set of options or they follow a formula of behaviors that have proven successful in the past. However, both approaches are ineffective at delivering truly innovative strategies.

To bring innovation to business strategy, individuals need to learn from innovative thinkers in other competitive domains, such as chess, athletics, and military combat. Kaihan’s decade-long research into the underlying patterns of competitiveness shows that truly creative strategists abandon logical approaches, and instead use time-tested patterns to seize growth strategies others ignore.

In this session, Kaihan presents his proprietary approach to discovering and seizing hidden strategic opportunities. He will expand attendees’ repertoires of strategic patterns which will enable them to see new tactical options in an ever-changing economic environment. He will show how companies can embed deep and powerful strategic narratives within their people, and thereby grow faster, increase profitability, sustain their competitive advantage, and capitalize on strategic investments.


Kaihan Krippendorff

Author of 'The Art of the Advantage,' 'Hide a Dagger Behind A Smile,' and 'The Way of Innovation'


60 Minutes

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