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Retaining Top Talent in Tough Economic Times

Presenter: Susan Vroman, EdD Candidate, Northeastern University


In today's economy, many employers think their workforce is grateful to have jobs. This is not the case, however, for your top talent. Talented associates - from the front line to the emerging and top performers - will always be in demand. This will become more clear than ever as the economy begins to turn. However, with limited time and resources, what is your best strategy to retain your top talent? And, how should you qualify this group to start with?

Using the Gallup organization's definition for Engagement "those employees that are loyal and psychologically committed to the organization." We will discuss how to identify your top talent, and several critital elements for managing them today to retain them tomorrow.

What Will You Learn

How to identify top talent in terms of skills, behaviors, and engagement. By using this view, you will determine if "turnover" is always a bad word, and how management's intentions do not always translate to desired impact when it comes to retention. You will also learn several critical measures to take to manage your top talent in difficult economic times towards retaining them when the economy turns around.

Who Will Participate

Team Leaders and Managers


Susan Vroman

EdD Candidate, Northeastern University

Access Resource

60 Minutes