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LinkedIn – Seven Best Practices

Presenter: Viveka von Rosen, Author of LinkedIn Marketing: AN Hour a Day, CEO of Linked into Business


LinkedIn is the number one Business Social Networking tool available to business owners for two key reasons: its ability to exponentially grow your network through your connections, and a very sophisticated data mining search engine. These capabilities, combined with the other tools LinkedIn offers, make it a powerful communications tool for engagement with online communities generating exposure, opportunity and sales.

Unfortunately, the training LinkedIn provides is simply not comprehensive enough to be truly effective for the business owner. In this webinar I have distilled over 20 hours of classes into 7 key practices to make LinkedIn accessible and effective for the user.

What Will You Learn

Participants in this webinar will gain the LinkedIn strategies they need to realize success

•Company Branding across many social mediums
•Best Optimization Practices for your profile, content, updates and applications
•Best Customization Practices
•Utilizing LinkedIn for Top of Mind Awareness
•Network Building Techniques
•Niche Marketing and Thought Leaders
•What to be Aware Of: The LinkedIn Slap
•LinkedIn Etiquette

Who Will Participate

LinkedIn is not for everyone. It demands time, authenticity, integrity and humanity. But for those who need and are ready and willing to commit to LinkedIn, be prepared to experience powerful results from your efforts. This class is particularly useful to “C” Level Employees, those in Sales and Marketing and HR and Recruiting. Those involved in providing exposure for their company.


Viveka von Rosen

Author of LinkedIn Marketing: AN Hour a Day, CEO of Linked into Business