Working Relationally: Managing your SELF in Relationship to Others - Best Practice Institute
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Working Relationally: Managing your SELF in Relationship to Others

Presenter: Susan Brady, EVP, Commercial Strategy


The health of your relationships at work and at home is a BIGGER indicator to your happiness then how much money you make, what your job status and satisfaction is, or where you live. And, as a culture and particularly in stressful economic times, we expect MORE from our relationships and tend to give LESS. If you tend to think others “don’t get it” or spend time feeling like you’re not “enough”, if you aren’t getting along with others and it’s starting to impact your happiness, if others are complaining (directly or indirectly) about you or the people you work with and or live with – the time is NOW to learn the art of living relationally.

What Will You Learn

1. Explore what it means to be relational and how that translates in to the practice of being an effective leader
2. Learn a new framework that will immediately (and positively) impact your relationships

Who Will Participate

Line leaders, managers, individual contributors, leadership development professionals, human resource professionals, executive and management consultants and coaches.


Susan Brady

EVP, Commercial Strategy

Access Resource

60 Minutes