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When Teams Battle or Barricade


Conflict on teams is as inevitable as human interaction. Call it disagreement or differing points of view but friction, sometimes rubbed hard into active ignition, happens. It can be an open battle, a minefield, or simply a poisonous undercurrent, corroding the team’s ability to perform. In fact the fear of conflict is as damaging over time as the eruption. And yet the best performing teams have found a way to fight fair without creating a brawl. On best teams there is open disagreement, whole-hearted expression, and the result is creativity not casualties. How do they do that?

In this webinar, international team coach, Phillip Sandahl will explore the conditions necessary for rich interaction and engagement on teams. There are practical steps that any team can take to build safety, encourage participation, shift team members from hardened positions to alignment, and build bridges that last over time.