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Building a Dream Team

Presenter: Karl Buchanan , Executive VP, TMG


Employee Engagement is a leading indicator of future business performance and success; how long employees stay, how they feel about their jobs, their boss and their organization are all linked to their individual engagement and performance level. Successful leaders understand and know their most valuable asset is their PEOPLE and they work every day to maximize that competitive advantage.

This workshop will show how to Maximize Performance through Alignment, Leader Development, and Team Engagement, reduce overhead and improve employee performance. It will cover methodologies for analyzing return on investment for human capital management programs and assessing internal cost drivers associated with implementation.

What Will You Learn

1. Modernize existing Human Capital Management Programs
2. Understand how to build Engagement from Day One
3. Identify, develop, and grow a compelling leading indicator of future business performance—1st Line Leaders and their immediate Managers.
4. Understand the importance of the “Onboarding” Process mapped to key business metrics.

Who Will Participate

Intermediate – Advance Learning: Best suited for Manager/Senior Level with P&L responsibility


Karl Buchanan

Executive VP, TMG

Access Resource

60 Minutes