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Coaching Global Leaders


When coaching global leaders, an executive coach must demonstrate his/her understanding of the differences (and similarities) of global and local workforces, as well as the many cultural and organizational factors at play. The coach must be aware of the coachee’s cultural backgrounds, as well as the environment and the people whom the coachee interacts with. With that understanding, the coach must actively engage key stakeholders in the coaching process, and take the appropriate approach to build rapport and trust with all involved. In addition, a coach often needs to help global leaders become effective coaches themselves to their employees and their teams, which tend to be virtual and global.

Common questions:
•What is the difference between coaching global leaders and coaching local leaders?
•What common challenges do global leaders face?
•What special capabilities do global leaders need to develop in order to be effective in a global workplace?
•What do coaches need to learn in order to effectively work with global leaders?