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Say Yes to No: The Power of No in Leadership


Say Yes to No is a pushback to the pressures of today's high tech, constantly wired world. Cootsona was a pastor at the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York City, living a non-stop, around the clock life caring for his congregation, pursuing advanced degrees, raising two daughters, and nurturing his marriage when life issued a wake up call. The illusion of being able to juggle it all was shattered for Cootsona at a cardiac clinic in Manhattan where the then 38 year old was told to slow down -- or else.

Cootsona's close brush with serious health issues forced him to carefully consider how to balance his life's goals, his growing family obligations, and his most important relationships. What he discovered may be the most important life strategy that a busy executive or leader will ever find. This webinar will force everyone racing through life to consider not only the cost of their pace, but also what it would take to create time for the things that will give their lives true purpose.

Say Yes to No offers everyone the chance to ultimately say "Yes" to a life well-lived.