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Leadership Agility at Monsanto

Presenter: Daniel Coombes, ,
Pam Caraffa, Ph.D, Founder of Emergent Leadership


Join Dan and Pam as they present on Monsanto's Leadership Agility Platform and approach! Together, they will share best practice elements and stories from their leadership development platform, describe the four agility types focused on and explain how they utilize a Matrix structure to enhance innovation and decision-making.

What Will You Learn

You will learn about:
- Monsanto's Enterprise-wide platform for leadership development, including Best Practice Elements
- Evolution of Organizations and Leader Maturity Evolution
- Four types of agility, as described in Monsanto's model
- The GLE Program Timeline, Business Stories, Change Management Stories, People Leader Stories, Team Stories, Leadership Stories and Self-Leadership Stories

Who Will Participate

Dan Coombes is Leadership Development Lead at Monsanto Company.
Pamela Caraffa will be co-presenting.

BPI Senior Executive Board and Board Representatives
BPI Staff


Pam Caraffa, Ph.D

Founder of Emergent Leadership