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Leadership Narratives for Organizational Transformation


Transformational change is critical to organizations operating in a polyphonic global economy. Making it happen is a complex process, and seldom meets expectations. This webinar will help resolve complexities and lead to your company’s transformation meeting expectations.

John Nelson of BT+L Partners and Mike Bonifer of GameChangers will describe how they designed and implemented a successful year-long action learning program at Diversey, Inc., that used improvisational game and narrative structure to help Diversey’s top two tiers of leadership transform the company. Their program focused on critical change components that both affected Diversey and were affected by them: globalization, collaboration, customer-focused solutions, innovation, and talent management.

Nelson and Bonifer will explain how the program encompassed the technical and logistical aspects (What, Where and How) of the large-scale transformation, as well as the social aspects (Why and Who). They will describe how it aligned the company’s leaders by providing with them powerful communication and peer collaboration tools. One of the most important concepts in the program, for example, uses GameChangers’ proprietary ERGO (Environment / Roles / Guidelines / Objectives) game structure as a means of generating leadership narratives.

Nelson, who was Sr. Vice President, Learning & Organizational Capability, at Diversey at the time, and was the architect of the corporate transformation, shares how formal leadership development and GameChangers’ concepts were leveraged to drive desirable change. Bonifer explains the function of storytelling in leadership, and how the ability of individuals and their organizations to build narratives collaboratively relates to the practices required to perform at a consistently high level in a complex and fluid marketplace.

Both gentlemen will comment on the opportunities presented by transformative organizational change.