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A Whole New Way of Leading Globally

Presenter: Jeremy Solomons, BPI Expert


GE’s former boss, Jack Welch, once said, “The Jack Welch of the future cannot be like me”. Leaders at all levels are now being called on to work in new and different ways, particularly during these tough economic times. This highly interactive webinar will help leaders: challenge their assumptions about what it takes to be a successful global leader and learn new perspectives and skills to be more holistic and effective leaders.

What Will You Learn

1. How the world of work is changing in the shorter term due to the global recession and in the longer term due to globalization, technology, social trends, etc.
2. Why traditional ideas and models are not enough to be effective on a global level any more
3. How to develop more holistic global leadership skills in themselves and others in future

Who Will Participate

This workshop is ideally suited to experienced line and HR leaders, managers and supervisors, who are being asked to work in different ways in future. It is also appropriate for less experienced managers and supervisors, who are looking to take on new, broader responsibilities.


Jeremy Solomons

BPI Expert