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Developing Leadership Agility in a Complex, Global Business


Facing a range of complex worldwide issues, from increasing competition to political and economic turmoil and climate change, Monsanto has taken a global approach to developing leaders with the new capacities and skills needed to be successful in this turbulent environment. To this end, the company has helped leaders grow from “heroic” achievers into “agile” systems-savvy collaborators who build participative, empowering cultures.

While Monsanto’s leadership development processes had a previous track record of success, this new focus on leadership agility has resulted in a significant shift in thinking and behavior that is noticeably improving results in a challenging business environment. For example: more consistent use of systems thinking in framing and leading initiatives, involving team members in strategic decision-making, more effective coaching of direct reports, and more proactive solicitation and utilization of feedback.

In this webinar, Bill Joiner, President of ChangeWise and co-author of the award-winning book, Leadership Agility, and Pam Caraffa, seasoned leadership consultant and former VP, Organizational & Leadership Development for Monsanto, will describe the global leadership development challenge, the combination of blended learning methods utilized, including the Leadership Agility 360, and the results achieved.