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Tales on Talk: Stories, Revelations and Takeaways from Coaching Communication

Presenter: Ilene Bergelson, Founder of Lifemoves Health
Duration     60 Minutes


International trainer, Ilene Bergelson, takes participants behind the scenes of her practice to share the process, discoveries and outcomes of executives in pursuit of greater impact, stronger, more meaningful professional relationships, and a more cohesive communication culture in their organization. 

You will hear about:
-A CEO and the promising young executive he needed to communicate more credibly with resistant clients
-A mid-sized firm struggling to align their efforts, close communication lapses, and meet their CEO and CFO's expectations
-The pitfalls of high-level SMEs putting together a joint presentation for important clients via conference call and the workarounds that changed the course of their final product.

In this interactive webinar, Ilene walks participants through the challenges and the successful strategies employed in each of the above. Participants are encouraged to call and write in to ask about their own communication conundrua. In her warm and humorous style, Ilene will show you how to view challenging exchanges through a new, more productive lens. Practice segments during webinar hone your ability to take in more information when listening, give clearer and easier to follow direction and model the culture you want your team to uphold.


Ilene Bergelson

Founder of Lifemoves Health


60 Minutes

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