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For over a century, Corning Incorporated has been a company synonymous with technology-based innovation -- today, the spirit of innovation is stronger than ever. This management case study will look at the evolution of the current Innovation process practiced at Corning. The case will describe the approach used to successfully create, implement and grow a world-class, systematic new product Innovation process. It will also chronicle those who have championed innovation as a best practice for nearly two decades. In 1984, Corning made the goal to “fix” their approach to innovation; the technology cupboard was bare. To get Corning’s Chairman & CEO to bless this effort, the Vice Chairman stressed the significance of the Innovation process as the most important Quality program in the company. Learning how to innovate on a systematic basis over a long period of time, formerly a tacit matter, was now to be formally articulated so that it could be practiced across the company. Today,...
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