United States Army War College
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United States Army War College

United States Army War CollegeThis leadership development case study describes the approach used by the United States Army War College to prepare selected high potential military and civilian leaders for duties of increased responsibility at the strategic level. The Army War College has an international reputation for senior leader’s development and has a one hundred year history of preparing some of the nation’s most revered leaders. In the Army, every soldier is preparing to assume the next level of responsibility or they are preparing to leave. Due to the harsh realities of combat operations which are the sine qua non of the profession of arms, succession planning is imbedded throughout the institution in a way that creates a culture of development. Leadership is the currency of the realm and the Army inculcates it at every level. The Army Chief of staff contends that the Department of the Army does two things: it builds leaders and it provides trained and ready units to combata...
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