Hewlett-Packard: HR of the 21st Century
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Hewlett-Packard: HR of the 21st Century

The "war for talent" is an often heard mantra of today's CEO's. This issue was identified as early at 1997 when McKinsey conducted War for Talent research. They cited that there would be an "imminent shortage of executives". It seems as if this perspective has borne itself out. It is hard to pick up an article on Human Resources or Leadership Development without a discussion on finding, developing and retaining top talent. Hewlett Packard under the leadership of Mark Hurd is deep into developing sustainable models to ensure that it has the "best talent on the planet". The company has an incredible focus on ensuring that the talent it has today is the best and that it is aligned and ready for future growth of the company. As part of this effort is has embarked on a number of groundbreaking efforts. Get a glimpse of HP's Talent Journey in this article. A greater picture of their journey will be available in BPI's new book on the Best Practices in Talent Management....
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