The CIO Circa 2015 - Best Practice Institute
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The CIO Circa 2015

Presenter: Susan Cramm, COO & Treasurer at International Sanctuary


The CIO Role Circa 2015: Ensuring That The Business Leads with IT CEOs understand that IT drives innovation and business performance. Yet many CIOs still have to ride on the coattails of the business units to get things done. How can CIOs change enable the business to lead with technology? How can CIOs craft a more positive, exciting future as global leaders within their organizations? In this presentation, leadership coach Susan Cramm paints an exciting future picture of the CIO who strategically positions the business to lead with IT. Using this projection as a backdrop, Susan will outline the practical steps required for enterprises to leverage IT at a higher level than ever before.


Susan Cramm

COO & Treasurer at International Sanctuary

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60 Minutes