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Working with Difficult Leaders


We all know the type: brilliant, aggressive, real go-getters. Only thing is, no one can stand working with them. Maybe it’s because their personalities are so abrasive, or maybe they quietly lack consideration for others, only focusing on results and missing their impact on individuals and on teams. We consultants have seen and felt the impact as well: angry outbursts, controlling behaviors, withholding key information which has the potential to distract other key players from their tasks. Too much time is wasted refereeing fights, or in “quiet” discussions “around” such leaders (that is, behind their back.) Divisiveness spreads. Others adapt by becoming difficult themselves and/or working around the leader as a way to survive. Productivity, motivation, and morale take a hit…

Relationship expert, acclaimed therapist and bestselling author Terry Real has developed a methodology that impacts behavior change like few others. “Other approaches teach leaders skills, “Real says. “We deal with the part of them that won’t use them.” When it comes to difficult personalities – Real and his colleagues from The Relational Life Institute have made waves by naming boldly and effectively the core issue. “The open secret,” Real maintains, “is that leaders whose style invites chronic distress are difficult people.