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Momentum Strategy: Brains for Growth

Presenter: Jean-Claude Larreche, BPI Expert
Duration     60 Minutes


The fundamental driver of personal and business success is undoubtedly growth. In his new book on The Momentum Effect, “JC” Larreche has uncovered the mechanisms of efficient and sustainable growth, based on three research tracks involving hundred of corporations. His powerful and pragmatic roadmap for Momentum Strategy will guide you to deliver stronger results easily. It will also help you mobilize your team on a common vision of efficient growth generation.

This webcast is for you if you have asked yourself one of the following questions:

-Why is so much money wasted in marketing?
-How can I develop a powerful approach to my growth targets?
-Where can I get a simple pragmatic tool to mobilize my team around growth?
-What could be a motivating topic for our next management meeting?
-How to make innovation, customer focus, and marketing generate real growth?



60 Minutes

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