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Aligning Potential for Organizational and Individual Success


Today there is more pressure than ever to find ways to achieve better business results. We need to know what is possible, and put people in roles that will achieve that possibility. That is what “aligning potential” is about… it is about making sure that our employees are doing the best that they can at what is most important. HR facilitates that process; line managers make it happen. This unique webinar looks at the issue from both those perspectives and provides a special opportunity to share concerns or insights with a thought leader in the field. Globally recognized and award-winning talent management expert, Lynne Morton, offers a practical and provocative look at this important area for organizational success. In this webinar, she shows the kind of value that aligned potential can bring plus what needs to be done to achieve that value. She presents processes and tools that have worked for other organizations, while also steering participants away from the pitfalls. Learn the “why” and “how” of aligning potential and be ready to ask your questions, too.