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Leading Virtual Teams

Presenter: Diane Gayeski, Interim Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies, Ithaca College


As more organizations expand globally, execute projects with cross-functional teams, rely on mobile workers who are rarely in the office, and engage in strategic external partnerships, they need to develop the skills, policies, and technologies to effectively support virtual teams. Many remote and virtual teams fail because they don't get the necessary buy-in, because the team leader fails to establish the right climate and charter, and because they don't use the right technologies.

What Will You Learn

1) Understand the business drivers for virtual teams and the typical ways in which they fail
2) Apply proven techniques and templates to launch and sustain virtual teams
3) Identify and avoid typical HR and IT problems associated with remote workers
4) Select the most appropriate technologies for virtual collaboration

Who Will Participate

Supervisors and project managers who lead teams that are not co-located; human resources executives who need to develop appropriate policies to support remote workers and outsourced workforce members, communication and training professionals who must prepare their organizations to communicate and manage in new ways.


Diane Gayeski

Interim Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies, Ithaca College

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60 Minutes