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The Power of Human Emotional Needs in Talent Attraction and Retention

Presenter: Bjorn Martinoff, Named #1 worldwide executive coach
Duration     60 Minutes


You can buy a person's backbone but you cannot buy his heart, they say. Surely, there has to be a way for the organization to keep the performers going and the inner fuel burning.

Why is it that some people seem to only have the paycheck in mind at work while others will work for free? Why is it that some people are loyal while others are not? Why is it that some will last a decade while some won't last a week? In this webinar, Bjorn Martinoff will share timeless wisdom on how to attract, keep and grow talent. He will discuss the principles of fulfilling six human emotional needs and help you create actual strategies to be put in place. Make your people aware they count and have them work purposefully with your organization, products, and services and for the reasons of its existence.

What Will You Learn

- Identify Six Human Emotional Needs and its importance in talent retention
- Identify and learn from companies such as Google and Starbucks are doing that successfully fulfilled on the Six Human Emotional Needs
- Assess which principles you are already effectively using and which ones to be developed
- Learn to use Six Human Emotional Needs in impacting lives and ultimately making a difference

Who Will Participate

CEOs, Talent Retention Managers, Anyone responsible for driving the business, Leaders, Executives, managers, team leaders, HR Heads, Organization Development Heads, Marketing Heads, Sales Heads


Bjorn Martinoff

Named #1 worldwide executive coach


60 Minutes

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