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High Potential Programs

Presenter: Bpi  , CEO, Best Practice Institute
Duration     90 Minutes


This benchmarking session will focus on all aspects of High Potential Leadership Development Programs in Senior Executive Board Organizations including:
1. Key differentiators in high potential talent programs including job fit, engagement and retention,
2. Measurement of the impact of your high potential programs;
3. Assessment of capability gaps over time;
4. Social or innovative practices;

What Will You Learn

Discussion Questions:
· What are your key differentiators and “have to haves” in your high potential talent programs?
· How do career aspirations of high potentials relate to job fit, engagement and retention within your organization?
· How do you measure the impact of your high potential programs?
· How do you assess capability gaps over time?
· What social or innovative aspects have you implemented in your high potential programs?

Who Will Participate

Senior Executive Board members and internally invited guests



CEO, Best Practice Institute


90 Minutes

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