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Best and Next Practices of Developing an Executive Coaching Process and Goals for Critical Roles

Presenter: Vanessa Dupuis, VP, Global Talent Management, Celanese


In this Senior Executive Board Benchmark-it session led by Vanessa Dupuis, VP of Global Talent Management for Celanese, Vanessa will present a success case on how Celanese stood up an executive coaching process to provide individuals in the organization in critical roles with an expert coach to help develop specific target areas to close critical gaps. As this important part of the talent planning process at Celanese, Vanessa will present their intake process, how they identify the need for coaching, and what metrics are used to measure a successful outcome.

Celanese has limited this function to critical roles, however, there have been more requests recently from deeper in the organization which will serve as the focus for a discussion with the Board on this area, specifically to answer the following questions:

What Will You Learn

1) How are you addressing coaching requests for HiPos and others deeper in the organization?
2) Do you have any success cases (or failures) with vendors, providers and other platforms such as virtual coaching platforms that you can share?
3) How are you managing accountability through the coaching process?
4) How has the current virtual workforce situation altered or changed your plans to provide coaching and real-time development within the organization?


Vanessa Dupuis

VP, Global Talent Management, Celanese

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60 Minutes