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Next Practices in Building & Managing High Performing Virtual Teams

Presenter: Louis Carter, CEO, BPI


As the COVID impacted workplace continues into the new year, the need to continue to engage teams, increase collaboration, and reduce burnout is crucial.

We have reached a new frontier in talent management, one where no playbook exists and there are no proven “best practices”, only NEXT PRACTICES.

In this session, we will address these important issues and plan to hit the ground running in 2021 to execute initiatives and achieve results.

As a Senior Executive Board, we are uniquely positioned to create these within our organization for fighting for what we believe in and doing things differently and better than they have in the past.

What Will You Learn

What is a Next Practice Session:
* Create the practices as you believe they Ought To Be. If we envision them, they will become reality.
* Share one thing that you would like to do differently and haven’t had the chance.
* Co-create the change you envision in your company.

What a Next Practice Session IS NOT:
* Sharing what has already been done, or what you have been told to do.
* Sharing practices that you have learned from other organizations.

In this session, we will use the following discussion prompts:

To reduce burnout and increase wellness within our virtual teams, the following programs should be developed…
The ways we have increased performance and productivity in our organizations in Q4 are...
Collaboration has been most impacted when start/stop/do more of/do less of....
To achieve and execute our 2021 goals, talent management must start/stop/do more of/do less of the following in the new year....


Louis Carter


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60 Minutes