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Bridging the Gap – Moving Learning to the “Front Lines”


Corporate learning has been growing and evolving for decades. We moved from only classrooms, to classrooms and learning management systems, to blended learning and “just-in-time” learning via mobile devices. Through it all, talent development has predominantly remained a function of the human resources department. The purpose of corporate learning and talent development is to optimize job performance, and bring value to the organization. Thus, it is time now to take the next logical step – making learning and talent development a business imperative, driven by supervisors and management; facilitated and supported by HR and the learning team.

Specifically, we'll focus on:

* How instructional designers can partner with supervisors to ensure knowledge transfer and behavior change;
* Why business leaders should take ownership of talent;
* How we can prepare supervisors/managers to lead talent development;
* Making talent development a core performance metric for leaders
* and more

During the session, you will learn:

1. Practical application on the job
2. Coaching/Critiquing
3. Building success profiles